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    Help me understand How CJ Lists Commissions
    I am new to CJ and have only made one sale, so far. However, I have a fair amount of clicks.

    Do most advertisers post a commission in real time, or do many of them pay once a month -- or only on a certain day each month.

    I can find no answer to this question on CJ's site.

    I'd appreciate your help.


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    Hello, and welcome to ABestWeb.

    You are actually asking about two totally different things - "posting" and "paying".

    As to posting, transactions are posted by CJ generally within one to two hours. But that "start" time for the one to two hours varies by merchant. While most merchants have their transactions posted based on the actual time of the sale, there are many that do not post until the item has shipped. Also, many merchants do batch transactions, positing maybe once a day, once every other day, one a week, etc.

    As to paying, CJ collects from the merchants and pays you once per month, on or about the 20th of the month for sales from the prior month, so long as you meet the monthly threshold, usually $50 or $100, depending on your method of payment. However, some merchants choose to "extend" payments, usually for an additional 30 days, which is usually until the end of their merchandise return period, so that they know for sure that a product will not be returned before paying the commission.

    Finally, while I work with no travel merchants, it is my understanding that these merchants do not pay until the booking has been completed, so that even if a customer today books and pays for a hotel stay for six months from today, you will not be paid for six months, until after the booking is completed.

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    Thanks much for the info. You explained to me what I suspected. So, in reality, it could take a few months before you really know how you are doing?

    Again, thanks for your help!

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