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    what is the alt="icon" 1px by 1px in linkshare links
    I'm noticing the affiliate links I use from a merchant with linkshare does not put in alternative text to describe the image, my concern is that I am losing traffic from Image searches. I want to put some descriptive text in there, but I am worried if this 1 pixel by 1 pixel is for tracking purposes. So I don't want to screw with it and break the link. Even though it is in the alt attribute for the img tag for the image of the product.

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    you can go ahead and change the "alt" value to whatever you want. It wont affect anything. The 1x1 pixel is used for tracking, but only tracking of page impressions - not anything to do with sales.

    It's complete absence may raise a red flag as it is one way of making sure the ad is actually showing. But some merchants would never notice it.

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    Ok, thanks tough turkey...It's big deal to me because my analytics shows a third of my traffic comes from image searches.

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    I never thought about image searches on a 1 x 1 impression pixel. Something to consider.

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    I doubt 1x1 images bring in traffic

    have you checked if you are acutally receiving visits for 1x1 images, or just from standard sized images?

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