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    Question Regarding 7 day EPC numbers+no sales
    Hello and thanks in advance. Also, thank you to Melanie at affiliatevoice and Haiko for their help the last couple of weeks.

    Since I was dropped by my number 1 merchant due to RI affiliate nexus laws taking effect, I have replaced thousands of product links, etc using a variety of other companies. In fairness, these are good quality businesses, I know they run above board operations, thus my question. Since the change, I have done a total of 3 sales for $27 in commissions. I am not even close to making 7 day or 3 month eps numbers shown for any of them. In fact, one of the new companies is a sister site of the old one, offering many of the same products at same price (they have a brick and mortar store in RI so already charge sales tax).

    My page views, clicks have stayed the same or risen during this period.
    Before I pull the plug, is there any advice anybody can give me?

    Thanks in advance.

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    One thing that comes to mind might be the cookie duration. If a good chunk of your sales with the previous merchant were non-immediate, "cookied" sales that happened a few days or weeks after the initial click, it may take some time to build up that base of potential cookied customers again with the new merchants.

    Or if the new merchants have a shorter cookie life, that could be hurting you too.

    And I'm sure you've already been in contact with your representative on how much this law has hurt your business because they need to know.
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    Little bit of advice
    Umm, in this case if they are staying the same or going up I would use Tracker202 software, which is free, and isolate keywords that aren't converting where you can bring your overall campaign spending down, and conversions up. I'm not sure if that helped but good luck


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    Thanks both, actually the new merchants have equal or even greater cookie duration than the original one. As far as reaching out to reps, I tried and got no response to email or phone calls. I understand some merchants would convert better than others, but I am baffled as to zero sales in a three week span, while all other variables are the same or even more positive.

    I appreciate any continued advice.

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