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    Newbie Question other Affilliate promotional tools
    I am working solidly on a few blogs in two areas that i am interested in - it is my understanding that developing a successful/popular blog is a great way to find some success in affiliate marketing.

    I have tried to use a few article websites to promote my products but had little luck as they dissallow affiliate links in them. If you would be so kind to point me in the right direction to a few other internet tools that can be used on top of my blogs to promote my merchants products


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    When you write your articles do not include any links in the article itself, they usually will disallow this as spam. When I have found works best is up to three links in the resource box that link to "your" site.

    Article sites usually do not not allow affiliate links because Google does not like them, they will stop indexing their article directory and consider it a spam site.

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    As well, many (most?) hard goods merchants allow you to post their affiliate links only on your website. Carefully read each merchant's TOS—you don't want to find commissions that are reversed because of this, or worse, they delete you as an affiliate.
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    I'd say to you, download some wordpress themes, and use that as your base for blogs. If you want to venture into some different territory I'd recommend looking up Squeeze pages, another great way. If you really like to write, then you should be selling your articles at AC. just google it, you can sell your article/ blogs for a buck to 3 bucks a piece


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