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    Best Practices For American Merchants Shipping to Canada
    This thread has been a long time coming. As a nation and a viable online market audience we (Canada) are so close yet so far from the US market place. Canada is one of the US's largest trading partners. I think that it would be valuable for both American merchants, Affiliate marketers and we few Canadian affiliates to share some insight from both sides of the border. I think far too many of us are making sweeping generalities and assumptions when we deal with one another. Canada could be a goldmine for merchants in the US but there are some issues to overcome.

    Canada is a market of 33 million people. The nation is very "wired" thanks to government Internet programs. There are a number of very real hurdles that we need to overcome to really open up this market. Here is a really short list:

    1) Duties
    2) Brokerage fees
    3) Shipping fees
    4) Non US credit cards

    Some of these things we are working on here in Canada but pressure could be applied and solutions worked out south of the border too. Porbably the biggest problems revolve around shipping fees, duties and brokerage fees.

    I bet that most merchants do not realise that once the package ends up at the border, the broker that clears the package adds as much as 100% of the value! UPS is the absolute worst for this. Most merchants I have seen take a "not my problem" stance to the situation. Well. sometimes "not my problem" quickly turns into "not my sale". There must be ways to get around some of these problems (yes I have some ideas but I'll save them for later).

    Anyone care to add to the list or knock something off the list?

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    Not my problem.

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