By Greg Frost
Beaverton, Or. (Reuters) -03/04/2004 A popular uprising for gay marriage is erupting in different parts of the United States triggered by a Massachusetts court ruling in November. The fight for equal rights for gay couples has been years in the making, and has open Pandora's box to those thinking it is a bone of contention. The issue comes to a real head today over the strange appearance of Lars Hanson's entourage slipping into line outside the local Clerk of Court Marriage departments Office.

It seems Lars and his partner George have been waiting 7 long years for this eventful day. He died George's cleaned woolen coat a bright pink and added 2 colorful bows and dried flowers atop Georges head. Lars put on the Norseman Viking outfit that always turned George on and gathered up their adopted child, Billy the Goat, rescued from a local animal shelter. Off they went in Lars beatup pickup truck trailing a ropeful of tied on beer cans.

Pulling up into a no-parking zone in front of the Court House Lar's, George and Billy got out and joined those waiting in line for marriage licenses. A reporter from Local radio station W-CKY couldn't help notice Lars and his fiance who were causing quite a rucus. Seems the picketline gwackers and others in line were offended that George was a pink sheep on a leash. Lars wouldn't budge an inch from his spot in line regardless of the heckling and laughing riot cops.

When it came his turn to enter the Clerks Office things went from bad to worse. The Eagle eyed counter clerk, having seen it all over the last 2 days, spotted a obvious flaw in sheep George's birth Certificate. Upon closer inspection the clerk declared the Ram was a Ewe and refused to issue Lars his marriage licence.

He did make a liberal concession, upon examining the adoption papers and health certificate of adopted "Billy the Goat" that all was well and would issue a license for that union. Lars said: "I love little billy, but not in that way!" and stormed out of the Clerks office.

The W-CKY radio announcer got a brief statement from Lars telling all their listeners he wasn't giving up his battle for equal rights. He announced he was headed for the local ACLU office and file a reverse discrimination suit. It was unfair to not issue a marriage license because George was a she ...not a he.

Like I said Truth is stranger then fiction.

Mike & Charlie ...

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