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    WordPress hosting vs My own hosting
    So my first blog went online today. My plan involves making multiple blogs of course, but I'm wondering if its worth making every blog hosted on my server and giving them each a domain or just leaving them with the url. Each domain is costing me about $10/yr. I'm just worried about hosting all of the blogs and giving them urls because some of these blogs will certainly not succeed and that may be a waste of time and resources.

    Whats the best thing to do? I guess another option might be to start the sites on wordpress hosting and if they seem to be doing well, I can transfer them to my own hosting. What do you guys think?

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    Own Domain
    Own Hosting

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    If you plan on using plug-ins you will need self hosted wp blogs.

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    On your own if you are serious about making money. It still takes a bit of money to make money. So think of it as an investment. If you are fussing over a few hundred dollars then perhaps you aren't ready to make decent money yet?

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    You can not place ads on blogs hosted by WordPress. You need to use your own hosting for your WP blogs. Get the hostgator unlimited add on domain package ($9.95/mo) and you can host all your blogs from that one account.

    On Hostgator, there is a 1-click WP blog installation. Easy. Adding domains is easy too.
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    Here's another thought -- there are bloggers out there who make good money with only a few blogs. Perhaps you need to rethink just what you want to do with "multiple" blogs, i.e., several, a dozen, several dozen, HUNDREDS, or what?

    Definitely need to go with own domain and own hosting, as others have advised already. Trying to do serious business on is not going to work.
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    Do the Hostgator thing ... it is killer for the purpose you desire.

    Blogging is an interesting adventure ... I woud suggest you only do 3 and focus on making each of them pay serious money before moving on to more. It takes way more time than you think to blog and keep all the stuff you need to do lined up and working.

    With 3 you can work on one for two day, then the other one, and finally number 3.
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    Another vote for your own domain on HostGator hosting. One thing to always keep in mind when using "free" services like or Blogger - while your content is being hosted there and "technically" you own it, if something happens to them you are SOL - plus the ad restrictions, and having to play by their rules.

    If you are serious about making money from blogging buy you own domain, get hosting and learn by doing.

    Focus on one blog at a time and don't add a new one until the one before it is 6 months old and standing on its own two feet monetarily.

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    another vote for self hosting and own domain! I use and can host all the domains I want for the same price. they have 1-click install too.

    As another poster mentioned, you do have to spend money to make money. And a quality host is not a place to scrimp either.

    Good luck in your decision!

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    Independent hosting it is then. I know all of you guys recommended hostgator, but I already had a 1 year dreamhost membership for unlimited space and bandwidth. I've heard hostgator is better but DH seems to be working ok for now and also has 1 click installs of many things including wordpress.

    I'm hosting 2 blogs and 1 website (still in development) on the same account and it seems ok. I wonder how it will do with more traffic. My blogs only went online yesterday, so they are not indexed by google or anyone yet.

    My next move is to keep adding info and content to both blogs and start writing a few articles on ezine to promote them. This sound like a decent idea?
    Any another tips you guys have?

    Thanks, I really appreciate all the help here

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    If you submit a blog on a free hosting account it will probably get rejected in an affiliate program. It is impossible to determine if the site is valid, has any traffic and worth accepting. I would recommend checking with a share hosting company and asking if the hosting is WP friendly. We offer greater than annual purchase priced commissions as anyone serious will stay with the hosting account for years and generally upgrade.

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    Yes, and I have now switched my blogs to be hosted on my dream host account, I have complete control over them now, including ads.

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