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    What are Affiliates biggest concerns with programs?
    Hi everyone I am trying to set up an affiliate program and have been looking at marketersí concerns. I was hoping for any input with things I may have overlooked. Nutshell; No cost 3 tier system 15% commission to 1st, 7% 2nd, 3% 3rd. No expiration on cookie. Individual Promotion code (Affiliate number) consumer will use for free gift to track along with cookie or for phone/fax. Database for repeat purchase. No restriction on marketing method (except must be legal and no adult content). Can not be terminated except for good cause. These seem to be the biggest concerns, but are there any others.
    If anyone has input or suggestions please post or e-mail at [removed SIG > Ban Warning]
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    A good read for new programs is at

    A good place to post an announcement about it is at

    Welcome to ABW, lots of active affiliates read through here several times a day.

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    Stop spamming every affiliate forum you find.

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    Thank you for the advice; in regards to spamming there is no solicitation and the project is far from marketable. I simply have a product that I am going to begin to market. I was looking at affiliate programs as a method. I know nothing about this type of marketing but in my research I did uncover some legitimate concerns in the industry. For example 45 day cookies, termination at will. Frankly I think that garbage and I would not work hard for that type of program. I simply wanted to know if there were other legitimate concerns that I had overlooked so as to be fair to Affiliates

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