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    Niche Marketing - Best way for a newbie to begin?
    Ok there is much literature today on the web recommending newbies to head down a smaller niche market when starting out in affiliate marketing. These markets are easier to dominate and find some initial success in.

    I have done a lot of research and began some blogs on some passions of mine, wrote a few articles and set up a solid squidoo page, but i feel as though I may have jumped the gun. You see the thing is there is so much competition in these markets >40000000 web pages to compete with on google. Many of these web pages have been around for years. How is a newbie suppose to compete?

    So i think i will now shift my focus toward an area where I with my limited experience can find some success more easily.

    It would be interesting to hear others thoughts on this...

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    Quote Originally Posted by andyparks16
    How is a newbie suppose to compete?
    There have been a couple of recent threads that basically asked the same question:

    Competition Question?? (a thread that you started) and Is It A Good Idea To Start A Coupon Site?.

    I think the consensus was that there is always room for competition. The trick to being a viable competitor is to do it better and offer your sites visitors something different or unique. I know, easier said then done. But if it were easy, everyone would be doing it and we'd all be rich.

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    Thanks rematt i can see the similarities in the questions...I should have thought through the earlier one a little more deeply. I keep being influenced by many opinions as to the best way to approach this business. I need to pick an approach and stick with it. The best advice is on this forum and this is what i should be following.

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