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    Anyone using Micro Niche Finder?

    I am curious as to see whether others are using the keyword software - Micro Niche Finder as both a keyword tool and a way of finding smaller niche markets. The guy who runs the program regularly updates so it seems very legitimate, he also seems to have some pretty cool methods of using it along with other sources to really get the $$$ flowing.

    It will be interesting to get a few other opinions on it...


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    It could be great, but the way it's promoted turns me off. Those mile long one page wonders with lots of red and bold remind me of the circus.

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    If you try it will you let us know? I got an email on that just the other day. I'm like John though where I can't stand eternal landing pages but someone must because everyone seems to be using them!

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    I have a subscription to wordtracker, which I use for keyword research and to check out the top short-term lists.

    I don't find it difficult to discover new niches...the problem is finding good affiliate programs for them.

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