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    How To Keep email From Piling Up
    I am not talking about SPAM here. I am talking about all the emails you get that you feel you need to keep. You set up some folders, yet they still pile up. And before you know it, you have several hundred unfiled or undeleted emails. And you feel that sifting through email is not a priority so the list just gets bigger and bigger. Is this you? It is me!

    So here is what I started doing. And it works!

    Each day (or time you check email), I must delete at least one more email than I save. So if I keep 2 new ones without filing or deleting, I must file or delete 3 or more.

    It works! Even for an email slob like me.
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    Not a bad solution. I just use gmail and search for whatever email I need. My inbox has over 12,000 messages, and it used to bother me that they weren't organized, but the search function hasn't let me down yet.
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