Below are N.C. Lawmakers who have indicated they are against the nexus legislation.

Sen. Neil Hunt
District 15: Wake County
...the Senate budget negotiations are pretty much closed to those of
us who voted against the original budget bill. You may want to contact
Sen. Hoyle, Clodfelter or Jenkins. They are the Finance Committee
co-chairs and they have a lot to say about what revenue sources get
included in the budget bill. I plan on voting against it anyway due to
the tax increases and the inflated budget gap numbers.

Neal Hunt
Deputy Republican Senate Leader
District 15 (Wake County)
Legislative Office: 919/733-5850
Business Office: (919) 781-3464
Date: 7/8/2009

Sen. Phil Berger
District: 26 Guilford, Rockingham Counties
Thanks for the note and the background; as you may already know, I am opposed to the tax proposal and do not think that web affiliates create a nexus for purpose of required sales tax collection. I understand why Amazon has taken the action it took in light of the proposal for legislation. I will do all that I can to oppose this ill-advised step on the part of North Carolina government. Phil Berger
Source: Response to BizDocs letter
Date: 7/14/2009

Rep. Paul Stam
District 37: Wake County
Thank you for your email about the "click-through" tax. A recession is not the time for state government to be increasing the burden on its citizens. I have been and will continue to keep voting against any tax rate increases this year.

I have attached several press releases about the budget. One outlines some of the amendments that were offered to cut back on wasteful spending in the House budget and avoid the proposed $780 million in new taxes and $86 million in new or increased fees.
Date: 7/29/2009

Rep. Larry R. Brown
District 73: Davidson, Forsyth
The democrats are the ones cutting you out. They cannot seem to cut the budget so they want to tax you more and out of business. More businesses will fail under their greed. Larry
Date: 7/29/2009