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    google localized search
    Dear ABW community,
    I hope you could help me on this one issue.

    I try to use to see US advertisements and sponsored links, but my safari browser automatically redirects me to (Israel, where I live)
    I am only able to see Israeli sponsored links. Interestingly, if I type in I am able to see British ads.

    How can I see USA google and its sponsored links from Israel.
    (tried advanced google search, other non-redirect URL from google, still doesn't work)

    Thank you in advance, and I already have learned so much from this forum.

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    Google uses your browser's language preferences to decide what to show you, Their whole aim is showing the most relevant results for "you". In Firefox browser it is easy to temporarily change your language preferences to see results from other places.

    Go to Tools>Options>Content and click the Language button. Adjust to suit.

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    March 30th, 2009
    Thanks 2busy! I will try that.

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    I think you can also see ads shown in specific regions directly from the Tools section of your AdWords account. I know it works here, but I've never really tried to view overseas ads.
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    Thanks Kevin.

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