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    Leaving Affiliate Marketing... What Should I Do With My Websites?
    I am looking to move completely away from affiliate marketing and become a merchant. At one point in the last year or so, I owned nearly 80 affiliate based websites on some very good domain names. All of these names were built using merchants exlusive to Shareasale. I took some of those names to use in my new network in which I will be stocking the products instead of linking to them.

    So... how should I go about selling the other domains in my network if I want to move completely away from the affiliate marketing model?

    I listed everything I have left in my network in the new marketplace, is there any other place that I should try to sell them at???

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    Crickets... Chirping...

    Any ideas???

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    auction them off.... bido (dot) com
    keep em as passive income...jk maybe.
    Until you get your seat as a successful merchant why don't you just keep them. When you are making the money to do with out them then sell them..
    Wow I contradict myself here.
    Or you can give them away in a really awesome contest
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