Hi all,

I just want to let you know that iolo Technologies [Linkshare] have just launched System Mechanic Business through the affiliate channel. To learn more about the product, and why you should promote it, please check out the July affiliate newsletter here.

Below is a very brief outline on why SMBs/organizations should seriously consider System Mechanic Business [more information is contained on the iolo website and in the affiliate newsletter].

What System Mechanic will do for a company's PCs:

- Speed up Windows start times – so staff can get going faster.
- Increase available memory – so PCs can do more things faster at the same time [like having many more documents, spreadsheets, and emails open at the same time].
- Increase available processor power – so that those powerful processors are unleashed again and everything is just snappier.

What System Mechanic will do for a business:

- Increase productivity and overall company production by reducing delays.
- Increase energy and fun by removing the frustration and stress created by clogged PCs.
- Increase revenue opportunities by increasing responsiveness: no more “I’ll just handle it later, my PC is busy loading that other spreadsheet.”
- Reduce the load on IT staff troubleshooting, re-installing, manually cleaning and servicing PCs when employees complain.
- Save hundreds of dollars each year on wasted electrical power.
Prevent employees from asking for new computers.

Are Your Customers Spending Extra on Electricity... Twice?

Many businesses with un-tuned PCs use extra electricity, because their:

- Inefficient PCs are pulling more power and running hotter, even when idle
- Office cooling system cycles on more often to remove all the extra heat these hot-running PCs generate

Not only will a clogged PC slow down a company’s productivity, all that extra hard drive churning and the needlessly overdriven processors and fans waste significant amounts of precious electrical energy and money. A company with 50 employees typically wastes $2,700.00 per year just due to the un-tuned computer systems, based on iolo Labs research.

email me at: james.nardell @ iolo dot com with any questions, or if there's anything I can do to help you market iolo Technologies/System Mechanic Business.