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    CJ is Launching PayPerCall
    CJ is launching a new pay per call program next month it looks like. Looks like a great opportunity to me. What do you guys think? This is what it says when you log into your CJ account:

    "Commission Junction is excited to introduce the new CJ PayPerCall. Pay-per-call represents a great new opportunity for publishers to earn even more with CJ. In addition to more than a dozen advertisers, like ADT and ServiceMagic, who have launched pay-per-call campaigns for you to promote, we anticipate a very large financial services advertiser launching soon just for pay-per-call. So, we want to make sure youre up to speed on pay-per-call so you can be among the first in the affiliate marketing industry to take advantage of this opportunity.

    Why should you be as excited as we are about CJs new pay-per-call platform? Thats easy. Big commissions for doing not much more than youre already doing today. Pay-per-call is here to stay, and most of our 4-barand 5-bar advertisers are already actively paying attractive commissions for calls as well as online transactions. In fact, the average per-call commission is over $10, and some advertisers pay up to $100 per call. Pay-per-call doesnt take the place of your online CPA campaigns with these large advertisers. Pay-per-call campaigns are IN ADDITION TO existing CPA campaigns. And our new platform makes it surprisingly easy for publishers to start generating these higher per-call commissions.

    To get you up to speed and help you get started, we will be hosting a LIVE DEMO to get all of your questions answered and provide you with the materials you need to start driving high-commission calls for top-brand advertisers.

    Register today to attend the demo on August 6th. "

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    This would be pretty cool if EVERY advertiser got on some form of it, since nearly EVERY retail store has a call-to-order option. I'm sure only a small percentage of customers actually use it, but hey that's a small percentage we're not getting credit for now! I'll take it.
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    This does look like a great opportunity.

    What could be some of the best media buys to test this?

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    I'd rather have a pay-per-sale-by-phone than a pay-per-call option... Unless that's already rolled up in the pay-per-call platform they're launching.

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    Exclamation + nexus?
    and how does this impact how we are perceived to do business in certain sales tax states?

    I haven't looked very hard at it yet, but we in NY are restricted to only certain methods of advertising. Can't do it offline here, like a number on flyers, etc.

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    Friend, what is the program like. Could you tell me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iyer
    Friend, what is the program like. Could you tell me.
    CJ has announced a demo you can sign up for, in the near future.

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    i'm really interested in how this works. thanks for the headsup!

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    I would have liked to got into this but they don't allow it to international publishers yet

    Thank you for your inquiry regarding our new Pay Per Call (PPC) program. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer PPC services to our international clients. Because this program is so new, we have yet to establish an international support system for our clients abroad. We do hope to offer this program on an international level in the future, but at this point, you are unfortunately not able to access this service. I do apologize for the inconvenience, and I would recommend checking for updates in your CJ Account Manager and at in regards to this program.
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