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    Google Adwords - Account Under Review
    I just checked on google adwords forum. It appears that there are many publishers having problem with google adwords account being reviewed in July.

    What happened was that their accounts was temporarily stopped by Google without any notification message. Campaigns and ads are active as per your settings but yours ads won't show in google, hence, no impression & no clicks. It seems that Google itself paused theirs accounts.

    This action could come to 2 conclusions, first one and the most popular one, Google will reply back saying that your accounts are suspended because you have violated some of the Ts & Cs, meaning that you will no longer be able to advertise by that account. Another conclusion would be that your campaigns and ads will be turned back on as if nothing happened.

    Anyone ever experiences this?

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    Yes, it happened to me just a few days ago. It was paused for 2 days. I contacted Adwords Support as soon as I saw it and they said they would tell their support team to finish reviewing my account as soon as possible. Thankfully, they turned everything back on with no problem. So, have hope.

    I would just recommend to follow all of their guidelines, such as having an "About Us" and "Privacy Policy" page and to give some added value to a visitor. That seems to be pretty much what they are looking for. But, it is scary if your business is relying on Adwords.

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    Lucky you, Jamuhn.

    I will be very interested in any advice if such thing happens. My business is mainly rely on Google!!!

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    Just to gather more data about this event... about how old are your Adwords accounts ? and since how long have you been active with them ?


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    If you're running shady rebill ads (acai, teeth whitening, google money, grants), then expect to be terminated. Otherwise, carry on.

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