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    Angry Aren't links supposed to honor the destination URL?
    I am trying to set a custom destination URL for a given link. The link form has a field for destination URL and my destination URL is on the merchant's site. Nothing dicey here. But the links just blithely ignores whatever destination URL I put it. Every link I have tried for this merchant does this. I suspect they are just seeing what link was followed and going wherever they want to go no matter what CJ says.

    I just sent a mail to the AM, but I suspect there will be no reply until at least Monday (if then). Very frustrating and, well, misleading.

    Are they really allowed to just ignore the destination URL if the link allows one???
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    I suspect it is a glitch. It is supposed to work. I have run into instances with some merchants when the destination url does not work (don't remember which merchants, it's been a while). You should probably start a support ticket too.

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