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    Smile S.O.S. a technical question about program links
    Vee, newbie here,

    I've finally gotten around to adding the advertising links to my site. Mostly banners; now before you remind me of the futility and general cheesiness of banners. let me explain that my site is fashion oriented and needs lots of eye candy in addition to my pearls of wisdom (lol)

    when I add the banners <aligned right) my footer pops up to the middle of the page. Can anyone help me out on this one? I'm tearing my hair out

    I got instructions (linkshare) to use ctrl V when inserting links but I've been cutting and pasting could that have anything to do with it? The control V seems to duplicate the links.

    BTW I used a coffe cup layout to built the site if that makes a difference.
    Thanks in advance

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    It would probably help if you pasted the code here so the experts could take a look.

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    Could it be as simple (or is my head still asleep?) as ctrl-V is 'paste' ===> duplicates

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    I think it is that simple control c =copy control v= paste which duplicates....
    I know that the whole placing thingy is a headache, Wouldn't you just need to make sure the footer is aligned the way you want it.....
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    Chances are you have a tag left open - such as a div tag. If you post the code here I'm sure one of us can quickly identify the issue.

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    In the past, I have had problems pasting Linkshare code - extra ascii characters would be inserted. Check your page code of your banner carefully against what you copied.

    Check for open tags as suggested. If needed, reverse what you did to get back to where you started and add elements back until you determine the culprit.

    No need to apologize for the banners - they can dress up a site nicely (no pun intended here). I will sometimes use the banner option in AdSense to fill in a space with a page related ad - it is an easy copyright-approved way of adding images that can even make you a little money.
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