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    Account set up question
    When we first set up our SAS accounts, we fill in these 2 fields:

    "Main WWW Address:"

    "Additional Websites you Control:"

    Will it affect the way our commissions are detected if we leave off the "www" in front of each domain? In other words, instead of:,, (etc etc)

    we enter:,, (etc)

    I ask because if you have numerous domains, that's a lot of "www's" and after awhile the field will not accept any new entries. So, if I drop all the "www's" in the Edit Account, it makes more room so additional domains can be entered.

    Thanks for any clarification...

    ps. The forum script is making all the examples above into links -- I can't seem to turn that off.


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    it does not affect commision, it's just info for the merchants (and SAS) to review when looking to accept you as an affiliate

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    Thanks CC for clearing that up. Your response is what my intuition told me, but wanted to be sure.


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