C7 Data Centers' Virtual Edge program is now live on Webgains.

With C7 Data Center’s VirtualEdge Premium Website Hosting, you don’t have to spend money on buying servers. You have your own private server in a highly scalable virtual environment. VirtualEdge is based on VMware’s award winning virtualization platform, so you know you’re getting the best virtual server product out there.

VirtualEdge is better than cloud computing. With cloud computing, you don’t know where your website is really located, but with VirtualEdge you’ll be in a secure, world-class data center facility. That means you won’t have to worry about internet connectivity or power issues - your website will always be up and running at blazing speeds.

Payouts are generous: earn $20 per lead and $85 per conversion. The lead submission form is simple, and each lead will be qualified by a quick phone call. We have a 90 day cookie and an open PPC policy.

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