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    Question Performance Incentive - is this on auto?
    Greetings all,

    Does anyone know if the Performance Incentive that are listed in Merchant pages are automattically triggered when you reach the Threshold?

    For Total Sales Amount equal to or greater than $250.00 USD increase commission to 8.00% per action.

    If I have already made over $250 in sales .. will it auto bost the commission rate?

    and is this in regards to a month, all together(including past) or would that depended on the merchant?

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    Usually I've found these tiered performance commission levels to be "bonused" at the end of the month instead of calculated out as you go.
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    I am almost 100% sure that any additional commission will be paid in form of a bonus in the following month or the month thereafter (depending on when the commission locks). If the initial $250 of sales are reversed, you obviously will not get the bonus.

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    Performance Incentives will be retroactive to all sales earned made during that particular month, but will not be paid out until a month after the original commissions are paid.

    So for example, in your scenario you generated $300 sales in July at a base rate of 6%.

    You will be paid your $18 commission on or around August 20th. You will be bonused your performance incentives of $6 on or around September 20th.
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    Do you mean on "Auto" by the merchant not manually having to add these bonuses to your account? I think they are probably on Auto and will be paid on a certain date each month if you are entilted to them. That is only a guess, maybe a merchant can clarify?.
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