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    Attention all military members
    Hello all, I'm in the US NAVY and I thought you all could use someone to relate to. If you are in either branch I could serve as your military marketing liason, and help make life easier for you in this world. So, if you're new to this world, I could help bridge the gap between some of your questions. If you are a veteran here, maybe I can learn something from you, the bottom line is that you can never know everything that's why we must communicate among us all if we all want to be successful.

    I've been in the Navy for 8+ yrs now and looking forward to many more years, so I'm doing this mktng thing to help out with retirement. So if we share in thought, please contact me for some brainstorming.

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    jacked by sylon
    I'm a Vietnam Vet - Army Security Agency.

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    My son just did 2 tours in Iraq, (combat Marine) . He is home now , and I hope to get him involved here. He has a few minor physical limitations now, but could really use the knowledge here since he went in right after high school in 2005, and out trying to find work and all.
    Here's to all of you who served your country!!!! Cheers!

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