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    Help with dynamic shop advanced search capabilities
    Hi there

    Just wondering if one of you guys might be able to help me out and answer a question.
    I am currently using the enterprise subscription and am just getting a dynamic shop with search set up.
    What I would like to know is does the search box on my website have any advanced search capabilities?
    Fox example on other php search engines you can do this sort of thing
    Microsoft and (keyboard or mouse or "visual basic").
    Is there anyway you can achieve the same sort of thing using the popshops search.

    Cheers Brett

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    Yes, sadly I'm in California
    It looks like it's built in - I just tried (red or blue) on my dress display and got both red and blue dresses back - the query structured itself as red|blue. Then when I tried "jacket dress", that's what I got, with the words together. So it doesn't appear that we have to do any additional work to have that functionality.
    Be at peace,

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