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    January 17th, 2005
    I don't know what to make of this. A friend of mine complained because she couldn't see the Amazon graphic on my site (hosted on my site, not by Amazon). She usually clicks on it when she wants to shop at Amazon. So I sent her another page with a Fastclick banner, and she couldn't see that, either.

    An ad blocker, obviously; however, she insisted she did not have one, did not have Norton products installed, had not installed anything new recently, AND she was suddenly having this problem on three separate computers, two at home and one at work.

    She uses AOL 9.0, so I had her look at the site through Internet Explorer instead of AOL's browser, and then she could see my ads.

    I know AOL has a pop-up blocker in its latest versions, but I had NOT heard it was blocking banner ads, too. I asked a friend who works for AOL and he checked but he CAN see my banners on AOL 9.0.

    So I don't know whether AOL is to blame, but it seems very suspicious since she only had this problem on AOL. Has anyone else heard reports of AOL blocking banners?

    (By the way, I also had a Linkshare graphic on my site, and she could see that. It was only Amazon and Fastclick she couldn't see.)

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    January 18th, 2005
    Nunya, Business
    Everything shows up fine for me.

    I work in lounge pants

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    Thank you for replying. Maybe it's just her. She's not very computer literate. She lives in a different state, so I can't check her computer myself, unfortunately.

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    wheeew! Between Nortons, Parasites et all becoming a beach bum was startng to sound good!
    I really couldn't stand another one!

    At least not this week

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