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    Angry Warning: Be aware of & swreg.or I lost $50 So far Big Time Scammers
    I am usually very careful about where I use my credit card but I don’t know what happened that day. On 1st July 2009 I purchased a monthly subscription at for $9.99 (for first month then $39.9 from second month)

    Since none of their softwares was working, I contacted them 3 times via their so called “Support Ticket” system to cancel my monthly subscriptions during the month of July, but no one answered. Then I contacted their payment processors SWREG ( to cancel my subscription but their support system is even worse, which did not even allowed me to submit the form.

    To make the story short now on 1st August 2009 I am charged $39.9 again. I created this thread to warn all my Abestweb friends to be aware of both UniversalBot and SWREG and don’t buy anything from them.

    PS: I contacted my CC provider (payoneer) but they say that they can only cancel my card and send a new one but they can not block this merchant from charging my card. How to stop these scammers from charging again on 1st of September? Any help will be highly appreciated.
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    Scammer ripping off a spammer?

    Oh damn Bot FEATURES Get more followers like Opera Winfrey

    Oprah, not Opera. Can't believe they disrespected Oprah.

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    Why would your CC provider not stop payments to them if you give them instructions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by id2k
    Why would your CC provider not stop payments to them if you give them instructions?
    Amazing, but it happens. It's why I dropped HSBC. Asked them to not honor charges from a particular vendor who I had cancelled with 6 months previous, and they told me they couldn't do that.

    So I now bank with a small local bank, that actually declines charges they should, instead of charging me a $39.00 penalty if I overdraft my account by sixteen cents.

    But, I've wasted a good thought in a spam thread, so I'll move on
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    Oh yes universalbot they are a ripoff and the reason he or she can't get the it charged back is because they used a prepaid debit card its like trying to stop something from recurring in a checking account. All you can do is close and reopen a new one. Lesson is if you want to jump into one of those programs that you need to be rebilled use a real cc not a prepaid debit card. Your credit card company will save you while the bank that issued the Prepaid debit will make your life harder...... I feel sorry for you
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    My Debit Card provider is Payoneer, they say that they can not stop any payment processor from charging, they can only block the card.

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