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    June 11th, 2009
    Is it good to concentrate on Coupon Site affiliates

    Just wanted to know as a new AM, is it good to concentrate on Coupon Affiliates to market our products.


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    I would suggest that you not limit yourself in the begining. You will see over time and with testing what will work best for your brand/product and where to focus your attention. You may want to push special offers to specific types of affiliates.

    Best of luck!

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    June 11th, 2009
    Thanks Canadian Dave.

    When I did the grouping of the affiliates who have joined our program,I got to know of the following Affiliates - Major grouping being

    Coupon Sites
    Download Sites
    Software Sales Sites
    PC Repairs Sites

    As you said I am trying to work on different offers for different groups.When I offered Coupons,Coupon sites did fairly well.When I made some bundle offers to the Download and Software Sales site, it didn't do quite well. I am on a major trial and error working spree.


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    It's definitely good to provide things that each group of affiliates needs.

    Coupon sites will need coupons and bargains.
    Datafeed sites will need a clean, well categorized datafeed.
    Content sites will need good copy about your company/products/features.
    Community sites will need news and things that will create a buzz.
    Cash back sites (if you choose to work with them) will need a good commission.
    PPC affiliates will need keyword lists, clear rules, and sometimes a datafeed.

    There are things that will benefit all affiliates, as well: a good commission, solid tracking, fast payments, good return days, and good affiliate support.

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    Thanks Michael Coley,

    Your one person whose posting I always read, you always come out with the best of advice and very informative.

    The things that benefit all affiliates are already being done and will continue to do so.

    Point noted on the expectation of the different affiliate sites and I will try my best to give the best to my affiliates.


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