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    I have found all kinds of great info on here for using data feeds. But, does anyone know of a published "start to finish" guide on using affiliate Data Feeds. If so, where can I find a copy, thanks!


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    There is nothing like you want. Datafeeds are raw data, compiled by each merchant and to be useful for selling their products, each should contain all data required to fully describe their product. It should not fit a "standardized" format that many here clamor for. It should meet their own particular requirements. There is no "one-size-fits-all datafeed and the is no single program to handle them all.

    Using them involves some degree of programming skills or finding an off-the-shelf program to handle feeds. Look at Webmerge, though from their forum, some programming knowledge is helpful.

    Suggest you learn some ASP or PHP and the datafeed world is yours.


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    but would be very nice to be shown where there is a primer to take us up to the point where the individual feeds requirements fork.

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    Cditty helped me write an article. It is VERY basic for real newbies, but here it is.

    Datafeeds 101- A Beginner's Primer

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    What NorthernStudio said.

    There's real trouble brewing here folks, mark my words.

    We're seeing the beginnings of a rash of 3rd party tools designed to bring datafeeds to the masses ... site builders, merchant-specific scripts etc etc.

    Which in practice will lead first to a heap of all-but-duplicate sites, then to millions of abandoned pages when it all gets too difficult. The most common scenario by far will be:

    1) Get hands on latest tool
    2) Build site using built-in templates
    3) That was harder than I expected
    4) Abandon

    The aggravation this will cause merchants and their AMs will in turn lead to a serious backlash - minimum a clamp down on who gets feeds, maximum their removal altogether.

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