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    I noticed that some programs are available in more than one place...the duration and commission differ. Would you go for longer duration or higher commissions?

    And when making a you only promote one product or several?


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    I would typically go for the higher commission. Return days mean less and less as more things interfere with cookies.

    Michael Coley

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    All things being equal, I think the higher commission will usually be more desirable. However, certain products have a longer buying cycle and in these instances, a longer cookie duration may make more sense. The better conversions could quickly outweigh the lower commission.


    David Delisle
    Affiliate Program Manager

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    I like to see at least 7 return days with any merchant I use. If the choice was 0 return days and x%, or a few return days and x minus some small percentage, I'd take the second choice.

    I agree though there are probably quite a few exceptions when the buyer is likely to make an immediate purchase.

    "Don't let yesterday take up to much of today."

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