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    August 9th, 2009
    After my blog is made...
    wat 2 do now?how do i get people to come to my blog.

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    start marketing yourself by meeting people thru twitter, facebook, etc. Write some great quality content to share with others who then will come visit to take a look and hopefully come back (capture their info with some sort of newsletter signup). You can also do pay-per-click marketing (i.e. google adwords) to start driving traffic almost immediately to your site.

    Best of luck!

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    checkout digg and technorati.

    You need good content.

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    Marketing is a lot harder than you may think. Its not just about signing up with places like twitter, facebook, digg, technorati etc...but its a start. Learn monetize advertising and attraction marketing

    As well, people need to have a reason to want to go to your blog. Why would I want to go to your blog? What is in it for me?

    Good luck!

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    Agreed, it's definitely alot of work. It's not just hey I made a blog come check it out.

    The real way to get targeted traffic in my opinion is by doing SEO and SEM.

    However that is a long process that probably never ends..

    Social networking sites, forums related to your niche, etc are some good places to start for some immediate traffic though.

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    Content is King
    Start with keyword research

    Write - write - write, most successful bloggers write 4-6 hours per day

    Ask 100 questions about every product, and/or 1 paragraph per $100 product cost

    Video, any video is a great sales tool, and adds to your credibility

    When you have more content than your competitors, Google will recognize you as an authority in your niche.

    Now go kick ass ~
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    Poolcenter is absolutely right. If I may add my 2 cents to that...

    Your priority should be to build your list in whatever niche you are in. But this involves several steps.
    1) You need to set up a blog within your niche. WordPress is awesome!
    2) Find your "voice" - in other words write, write, & write about your subject. Give your potential audience as much value as possible.
    3) Place a simple form on your blog for people to sign up for your updates.
    4) Do not get over anxious once you start building your list. Wait to begin to promote to that list until you feel you have built up enough trust with your subscribers.

    Hope this helps you and anyone else getting started or just re-starting the right way.

    Fernando Escobar
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    I don't have much to offer yet, but....
    I'm new at this as well, but I have already learned an invaluable lesson:


    With all the different advertising avenues, affiliate accounts, websites, etc. it can be very easy to begin losing track of it all and spending too much time searching for information you need.

    I made a single master web page (that never gets published anywhere, just for my personal use) and it has:

    the name and link to all my websites
    login information
    where it was registered, where it's hosted, dns names, special scripts, etc.

    I also have one for my ad and affiliate site and include this information:

    affiliate program name and website address
    login information
    what website i am using it on

    It has made my day much more efficient by having all this information in one easy to locate and use format.

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