I find it hard to believe that anybody else is using Event Engine, at least in Artist format, HTML version. The list of problems I have had is long, but most of them can be circumvented albeit after some small investment in time. However, the fact that most of the problems are never reported suggests that few people use it, or that everyone else just bullies their way through it and doesn't report the problems as I have been doing.

The latest issue is with the date format. I noticed a couple of months ago that newly generated iframe code (haven't checked the others) was showing dates in dd-mm-yyyy format. Very nice for the UK, but not for those of us in the (probably much larger) US program. However, with previously generated code, which had no COUNTRY parameter, the display was still correct. Stupidly, I did not update my code to include the new COUNTRY parameter.

Today, I noticed that my dates were displaying in the wrong format, so I added the (undocumented) COUNTRY=US and they now display correctly. At some point recently, the system was changed to default to the UK (or European) format.

Anyhow, this parameter is not documented anywhere that I can see, and there is no way to change it from Event Engine except by modifying the code after the fact.

As I say, I can't believe people are actually using this or it would have been reported and fixed long ago ...