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    share a sale feed updates

    I'm a new shareasale user - I have a question regarding the data feeds that merchants supply through shareasale.

    How do we know to download a new feed when a merchant updates it? Do we get an email notifying us that a new feed has been uploaded by the merchant or should we just know to check back regularly?


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    We always send a newsletter when a merchant uploads a new feed.

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    Usually the merchant or OPM annouces it in their newsletter as a friendly reminder.

    You can always ask the AM directly based on the last time you updated it.

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    Some notify-----some don't

    I do a check about 2 times per month on my list of merchants.
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    There isn't an automatic email, it is up to the merchant or their OPM to send out a newsletter letting you know when datafeeds are updated. The merchants that have forums and representation here at ABestWeb will also usually post here.
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    If in doubt send an email to the Affiliate manager and ask him when the last feed was uploaded.
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    this would be a nice future... my whole admin is based on automatic updates... webgains and zanox do a perfect "job" in this area... and lately i managed to do a "hybrid" with cj's email notifications

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    Here a couple ways to be proactive about feed updates....

    1. Once you are in the interface, under the "Get Links" section you can click on "datafeeds" and produce a list of all the programs you have access too. If you look to the bottom right of each merchant box, you will find the date the feed was last updated.

    2. using the same report as step 1.. you can also sort the list by last updated.

    3. For the more advanced report users... Our API provides a search parameter that allows you to view merchants that have updated their feed within your custom date parameter.

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact myself or our support team for assistance! (shareasale at shareasale dot com)
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