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    People have always said that I shouldn't think about things, because no good will come of it. I tend to think their wrong.

    Earlier this month, I had a huge transaction (at least for me) go through on with a commission of over $35. I was excited that this order happened. This was the first time that this merchant EVER produced for me. I checked my logs and found where a visitor had searched for this merchant and the word coupon.

    I thought back on some of the posts on this forum and thought I wouldn't be surprised if it got reversed.

    Well guess what happened... I check today and it's reversed because of an "invalid credit card." Even though I was prepared for it, it still came as a shock.

    Then I got to thinking...
    Why would someone using a bad credit card, search for a coupon?
    Why use a coupon when you don't care how much the order is for?
    And lastly, if this reversal is legit, then why is this merchant using such a s#!tty credit card processing system?

    I'm not going to mention the merchant's name, because sometimes you wonder why your hands are tied when it comes to things like this. But then you realize, that joining some merchants is like a buying a raffle ticket. Most of the times, you know you ain't getting s#!t from it, but if you get hooked up with the right one(s), you can win big.

    BTW, I'm dropping those sorry SOB's right now. And I bet most of you all know who I am talking about too. Too bad I learned this lesson too late.


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    please mention the merchant so we can watch them closely or avoid

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    You should contact the merchant first (or CJ) for clarification 1st.

    I used to write those bad credit card ones off - and stewed over 'm - and one time I contacted the merchnt.

    Seems CJ only supplies merchants with about 4 reversal reasons - and the bad credit card reason is "all encompassing" - for example, it WAS a valid card, a VALID SALE, etc, but it was someone in Saudi Arabia, and the merchant won't ship there due to large amounts of fraud eminating from that country. But CJ only give the merchant the choice of "Invalid Credit Card"

    and of course the merchant isn't going to email every affiliate a private note about the nature of each reversal. So we're forced to guess - and stew over it!!


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