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    Clarins USA Search Policy Violations???
    I just received a blank e-mail with the header "Search Policy Violations" from Clarins USA & Thierry Mugler USA
    Clarins USA & Thierry Mugler USA

    I have no idea why I received the e-mail header with no content in the e-mail body?

    I have absolutely no idea how I could possibly be in violation with Clarins USA search policy.

    I do not bid on terms.
    I do not engage in PPC.
    I probably don't do anything that could be related to a search engine policy violation.

    All my site pages are regular html pages created with Dreamweaver.

    Is this yet another Clueless Merchant?
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    Just a general email they sent out:

    As some of you know, the Clarins Affiliate Program is now being managed by 4 Paws Marketing. All links will remain the same and you will not have to change anything on your end, but to contact us going forward, please use the following email address:

    As we have worked through the management transition of the program, we have noticed quite a few affiliates bidding on the Clarins brand name through SEM. This is in direct violation of our search policy. We thought we would take this opportunity to remind all of our partners about our Trademark Search Bidding Policy.

    Search Bidding Policy

    We do not allow bidding on any search terms using our Trademark brand name or any misspellings of our brand name. This is includes, but is not limited to, Clarins,, & Clarins Official USA Store.
    We require that all affiliate listings utilize the affiliate URL and do not use the brand name URL or any misspellings.
    We always contact any violators via the email that is posted in their Commission Junction account. Please make sure that this is updated with your most current information to avoid any communication issues.

    Going forward, we will issue a first warning to have the bid(s) removed within 24 hours. If there is a second violation, this will result in removal from our program & non-payment for any sales driven through SEM. Our policies are put into place specifically to protect our brand name and align our affiliate program with our other Online Marketing Initiatives.

    We appreciate your partnership and look forward to a mutually profitable relationship going forward.

    Best Regards -

    The Clarins Affiliate Team

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    Thanks for the info, Trust -- at least you were sent some information as to the reason the e-mail was sent. I on the other hand just got a blank e-mail
    ~Rhia7 -- Remember the 7
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