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    Question HostGator - WP Question
    Thanks in advance for any responses to this question.

    QUESTION: To have multiple sites with HostGator using WP is it better to...

    A. Use a subdomain. (blahblahblah.yoursite dot com)


    B. Use the "install in directory feature". (yoursitename dot com/blahblahblah/)


    C. Either will work about the same.


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    I don't know if it really makes a difference. Here is what I do and it is just for my own organizational purposes.
    Quote Originally Posted by Snowfinch
    A. Use a subdomain. (blahblahblah.yoursite dot com)
    I use "A" if I want it to behave/appear to be a free standing site.

    B. Use the "install in directory feature". (yoursitename dot com/blahblahblah/)
    I use "B" if I want it to appear as a subdivision of my main site.

    Just my preference.
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    You can also do an account addon. It's part of the hosting package.

    Lets say I own, and now I want to register I can hit the Addon Domain button in Cpanel. I can then use my same hosting plan to host

    Addon domain sets it up as, but people can also just type in and go straight to that site..

    Hope I didn't ramble too much..

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    From your choices option "C".

    I prefer option D though - addon domains like IAmMe referenced.

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