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    Any word on Ebay?
    Anyone hear what Ebay will be doing with it's NC affiliates, if anything?


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    eBay doesn't sell directly. Their sellers are responsible for collecting sales taxes. As a result, I don't believe they will be pulling out, but that's just my take on it. I tried to dig up some info on their site, but it's less than clear...

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    We were informed it is up to the sellers to collect & remit sales tax. Any seller making regular sales and or operating as a business should be collecting in-state sales tax and if applicable, sales tax in other states (ie sales threshold met in NY, RI & NC).
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    Well that is a nice loophole, of course the neccesity of having loopholes is pathetic. Wonder how long it will take the NC legislators to realize this move hasn't added revenue to the State after all?
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