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    January 18th, 2005
    US Army Blows Up Donated Bodies

    That's just the most ignorant thing I've seen this year. People donate their body to science, the Army buys them from Tulane, and uses them to test land mines.

    Not, perhaps, the most graceful way to acknowledge these noble people.

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    Disgusting! Surly they can use something other than human remains.

    And, paying between $25,000 and $30,000 for a $1,000 corpse???!!!

    That is more than a year's income for many families! Guess who really pays the tab, taxpayers!

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    Disgusting! But why does this not surprise me? Considering we have a government that pays $5.00 each for an ordinary bolt, why not? If I found out that a relative or loved one was treated this way, I'd be furious! I know they're gone, but obviously the person or their family wanted their body to do some good to mankind. I don't think this is what they thought would happen, though.

    What a screwed up world we live in...


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    I don't have any problem with it. As I understand it they are testing safety devices and procedures and not the land mines. The person quoted in the article put a negative slant on it.

    Paying $25k for a $1k cadaver is an outrage though.

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    Does Tulane's medical school have an affiliate program?

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