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    Linkshare features
    Hi I'm new to affiliate programs and someone can help.

    I've heard of linkshare and was wondering if they had choices for ion medicines.

    I was thinking of adding something like a table that showed the price of a particular drug from about 3-4 different online affiliate sources so people can choose and buy from whichever they liked.

    Is this possible?


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    Buying ion drugs online is illegal...and besides the companies doing it....will most likely not pay you.

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    That's strange. Because I know a few people who buy their transplant medication online. And from what I know these are ion drugs right?

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    There are online pharmacies that sell rx online, however, no affiliate commission is earned on these sales, so be sure you know what your goal is with this type of program. this also applies to pet rx. just a general rule.

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