hello everybody and sorry if this is not the right forum to post this in, please in case advise me on where to move it.

After having had some (small) success with my first affiliate website, I am thinking of opening a new one.

What I would like it to do, I would like to be able to have "post" (pages, entries in a db, whatever...) that are single product (with a quick review kind of) and then finding a way for users to "drill down".

for example, let's say it's about hotels. each post is a short description and a link to a hotel. I want the users to be able to narrow down their selection and see less and less results the more they narrow down their criteria.

for example if they choose "hotels for couples" + "hotels run by owners" + "hotels in that city" + "hotels between 50 and 100$ a night" they will be given a list of the hotels (a list of links to posts) that match their criteria.

would it work with wordpress and categories? Or do you think there must be a better way/solution ?

any input is greatly appreciated! thanks!