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    Lands End Removal
    Anyone else get this one?

    After considerable review, we have decided to restructure the Lands' End affiliate program and make our program private in the LinkShare network. With this new direction, we will continue to work with only a small number of strategic partners that are closely aligned with our company and customers.

    Today, August 14, your offer will be permanently removed from the Lands End program and the tracking of your links will no longer be available.

    We have appreciated your past support and participation in the Lands' End Affiliate program.

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    Got it too.

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    Me too

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    I got it two week ago. No big deal they were my last 0 day cookie merchant that I had left. I only keep them around for their name and I bought their as well.

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    I always did very well with them, so it's disappointing to lose them.

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    I know that they were hiring and growing that dept. Not sure if the AM (or new AM) decided this move.

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    Got few weeks ago too, only got sales when my niece bought from them.

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    got it too, and i heard that it was an upper mmgt decision, as their AM (someone i knew and really liked working with) was let go as part of this decision.

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    Land's End Havong Financial Problems?
    Seems like they are grasping at straws to gain some cash flow. I have used them for some business logo clothing for years. Not big purchases - just a half dozen shirts every six or eight months. But the last couple of months have seen my email loaded with "special offers" tempting me to make another purchase. Special this, special that, no logo charge, free shipping -- at least two of these a week. Somebody's hurting. A Land's End email just today is offering 25% off of everything.

    So, I'm not surprised to hear they are dropping affs. Likely keeping the big parasites - and management is too stupid (or, more politely, misinformed) to realized that the multitude of smaller affs are part of the profit picture for the parasitic "big" affs. Such a shame. Used to be a great company. Last set of financial troubles had them salvaged by a buy-out from Sears. And Sears is now owned by whom??? Still K-Mart? Maybe instead of "firing" affs, Land's End should be running Blue Light Specials for them.
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