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    Investment Site Traffic Trouble
    Search engine traffic to one of my investment sites is bouncing.

    Numerous forum topic pages get organic taffic, but 95% of it bounces immediately.

    I have tried different designs, colors, etc...

    I use the same software and design on other (non-investment) sites with no problems.

    The keywords they are searching for and the forum posts they get to are good matches and have relevant information.

    Maybe they are looking for specific information and reject the idea of looking through a forum post?

    Any thoughts?

    Is investment traffic known to bounce so quickly?

    Here's an example of a forum page:
    [URL=][/URL] - Build Wealth

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    Some ideas I have:

    Bland in General

    Boring too often used color palette

    The unassigned avatar seems to reflect a spammy site. Maybe try turning them off. or making the generic one more interesting.

    The font (Times New Roman) is boring to me and old fashioned.

    Google Adsense with the standard text ads is a bit boring. Might try image ads if they target well.

    There is no pictures on the page at all

    A nice header picture might help.

    A logo....

    Think of the audience what will keep them on a page?

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    Thanks for the comments and suggestions.

    I was testing the plain jane "newspaper" design for a couple of days. Now I am testing a blue design.

    I have tried a ton of other designs that included pictures and more professional looks.

    I agree that the unassigned avatar is not attractive, but I also get bounces on pages that have photo avatars of the member who started the discussion.

    I tested a banner affiliate ad campaign for the Wall Street Journal. I figured it would add some credibility and something to draw the eyes, but I still got a lot of immediate bounces.

    The AdSense ads for investment sites are pretty spammy so I'll probably change it back to the WSJ banners at some point. I want to keep things as is for now as I continue testing things to figure out why people are bouncing at such a high rate.
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