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    Hi.. I’m new to this site and I can’t believe how much I’ve learned since discovering it! I am, sort of a forum spaz so if I don’t post this in the right place, please accept my apologies in advance.

    Here is my problem.. maybe someone can help.
    I had an account with Google and I was running their ads on my site and doing okay with it..not great but okay. Out of the blue I got a notice that they were dropping me because of fraudulent clicks. I wrote back appealing their “call” because I have never clicked on any Google ad on my own site. The most that I did was run my mouse over some of them (maybe 10 times total in 6 months) that I wanted to block but needed the url but never did I “click-through”.
    They say they feel they are right and they didn’t reverse their decision.
    Is there any further recourse I can take?
    Is it impossible to get them to approve another site? (I have two others)
    Should I just give up?
    I was running about a .3% rate which I thought was really pathetic but I still was pulling a few dollars in and I hate to lose that revenue. I also am really upset to
    be accused of doing something fraudulent!
    Someone suggested that it could have been done as a malicious act to make me lose Google but I can’t see any traces of such when I look back at my IP logs. I do see a lot of the same IP’s but I have regular visitors to my site so that doesn’t really surprise me. Besides, isn’t regular traffic the best traffic?

    Any suggestion on what to do would be appreciated….or alternative programs that I can look into. I am pretty new at all this and have basically been fumbling around. I’m sooo glad to have found this site!

    Thank you,

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    reminds of a story i read awhile back

    Lots of stories like that. They can withhold payment, don't have to provide any proof and so on. Don't know what you can do.
    could try

    I work in lounge pants

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    By the way, I do click on AdSense ads in my sites, once in a while, when they interest me. I don't think that's against their TOS. I may very well be a customer to some of those advertiser.

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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>I do click on AdSense ads in my sites, once in a while, when they interest me. I don't think that's against their TOS<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Yes it is. From their policies document: "Please note that clicking on your own ads for any reason is prohibited"

    I wouldn't risk it.

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    Dealing with Google is not a democracy, and what Google says goes. I'm not sure that there's anything you can do at this point, other than try to identify the source of the click throughs, which will be difficult.

    You might consider going back through the site that the ads were on and relocating them to a place where they still get good exposure, but would be more difficult to access if someone is trying to create problems for you by clicking on them repeatedly. (i.e., move them to the bottom of the page instead of the top, etc.) Then reapply to Google, explaining you have made changes to your site to prevent fraudulent clicks. Who knows, it might work.

    Can you think of a competing site that might want to see you kicked out of Google? I'm sorry to hear about this, but I'm not sure there's much else you can do.


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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>I also am really upset to
    be accused of doing something fraudulent! <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Did they actually accuse you of fraud, or did they say your site was generating a large number of fraudulent clicks? There is a big difference.

    A perfectly ethically run site could generate fraudulaent click-thrus. If they did not accuse you personally, then don't take it personally. It is counter-productive.

    You need to clear your head of this emotional stuff and get down to work identifying how come your site generated fraudulent click thrus.

    If you can't figure it out, have someone else take a fresh look, because it might be something obvious. After you figure it out and correct the problem, you will probably be let back in the program.

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    You could try alternates to Google. One I was looking at earlier today is I'd like to hear more about them if anyone cares to share.

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    Sharing your CTR is also against their rules.

    Michael Coley

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    Yes, sharing the CRT is against the terms but they kicked him out and probably kept his money to boot. I suppose, a person of great integrity would still feel bound by honor not to reveal the numbers having given their word when they entered the contract. On the other hand, a lot of people want to know what the Google CRT generally runs. And, it is useful information to others. They should hardly be surprised when people they kick out spill the beans. I would like to hear more about this, myself.

    What are they going to do, sue him? They will be suing a lot of people if they do. If he is like me, they will approximately get a ten year old car, one broken chair, a cat that needs to be fixed and the care and custody on one child ready for college!

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    Leeanne, Sorry the hear about your trouble with Google. It does sound kinda fishy though. Like the others have said, there is not much you can do about it. There are other ads you can run to fill in for Google. I'd wait a few months and reapply.

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by SSanf:
    On the other hand, a lot of people want to know what the Google CRT generally runs. And, it is useful information to others.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    I know I'd like to see more stats out of Google. Do you suppose they don't post more specific stats because people will find a way to abuse the program?


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    I think they said the site was producing fraudulent clicks. I guess I did take it personally to a degree so thanks for bringing that up. Good point.

    I may try to reapply with another site one day but the site that had most of the ads also had the best traffic.

    As far as someone having it out for me? I suppose it could be possible but it isn’t like my site is a big huge success I guess I’ll just try to find some other way to fill that financial gap and just get over it.

    From what I’ve heard, Google has a new policy that states that you can only place advertising on approved sites now. Before, once you got approved you could place ads on any of your sites as long as they met the other criteria’s. I wonder how much they’ll be enforcing that new policy...

    Anyway, thanks for the feedback. It has given me food for thought.

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