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    On intellectual Property and the "new media"
    Since we spent some time discussing the move by R. Murdoch to charge for online newspaper content, I thought this piece was appropriate for a similar discussion:

    In it, the author describes how part of his work was lifted by Gawker, and discusses how the online world has changed his profession.
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    Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

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    Right up my alley.. thanks for posting.

    Not only do some online publishers steal from newspapers, they also steal from each other.

    I've been spending a good part of my time monitoring sites that steal from me (both photos that I've paid for & original content), then IP banning the user. I have no recourse or absolute proof, but I've been able to isolate the pattern & timing of publishing.

    I don't really know if there is a solution.. there seems to be a generation out there who thinks because it's on the internet, it's free for the taking.
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    There is control, but it takes efforts. Folks will rip off your work no matter what, but I will not make it easy for them. I quit posting up photos without a watermark/copyright slug, a long time ago. I decided to use Creative Commons 3. It allows anyone for any reason, to use my stuff for FUN, but cannot be used for commercial gain. They must get permission for that. This is yet another way to build traffic.. By allowing people to freely use your stuff for fun.

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    This is nothing new, old school media did the same thing.

    Just pick up a news paper you're bound to see "Reporting done with the Help of the NY Times" at the end or it starts with "The New York Times is reporting".

    Only difference when this happens online they actually link to you.

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    There's a right way to do this and a wrong way. The right way is to provide a short summary with link back that ultimately drives traffic to the source. The wrong way is to hijack the majority of the meaningful content (copyright theft), which it appears Gawker has done in this case. The former helps the source financially, the latter hurts it.
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    There's a whole swathe of high-traffic and presumably profitable sites that simple rewrite someone else's content in return for a measly link. It goes far beyond the "fair use" doctrine to do that.
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    An editor at a newspaper I worked for had done an internship with one of the big cable news channels. His sole job was to read through as many newspapers as he could to pull stories they could then report on. In my experience, newspaper reporters are the best in the business, and all the other media siphon off their work. The difference between broadcast companies and bloggers, though, is broadcasters usually do a little legwork on the stories, then repackage them, whereas bloggers unabashedly link to the story and add little extra value.

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