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    Ok i did the discussion on auto cookie stuffing and merchants overwriting cookies

    please let me clarify something

    I do not use any auto stuffing, if you see at the start of my post I asked a question about it, i said IS IT this????? I still have no idea what it is and can only assume its like covert afiliate.

    My sites are pure link and content, I do not go for scam tactics, spam, auto stuffing or any other lame way. i work hard on my sites, create keyword content! period!

    thats all i wish to say, i post it here as i noticed they closed the other topic thanks

    i was just migged at hearing from POON that merchants have some right scam tactics!

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    This board, if your read the trends over the last 2 years, doesn't take lightly and scams by merchants or fellow affiliates. Some here have poored thousands of hours into trying to cleanup the industry and the stready stream of commission tricksters.
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    If I in any way offended anyone, or made them assume that I think auto stuffing is right, I dont...... ill say that again I DONT......

    Im on your side people, dont shoot the messanger, and no im not some guy from friggin india LOL, that one was funny, the guy from india is the guy i guess who made that program...

    I just read a post by poon about merchant overwriting and auto stuffing and I wanted to add my 2 cents, ok so it came out wrong, but i dont promote that stuff .... dont stone me yet!!! folks!!! MERCY!!!!.......

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    As they said in the movie Animal House: You are on double secret probation.

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