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    August 19th, 2009
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    having problem with putting code in blog entry

    Fisrtly, I'm very new to adding Datafeeds and have only just come across Golden Can, I've previously been using Pop Shops.
    I'm trying to add the PHP code to my wordpress blog here:

    As you can see, I've messed it up and it doesn't show. I'm OK adding the Javascript code, but from what I understand, it's better to use the PHP spiderable version for SEO purposes?.

    How do I add the PHP script to a wordpress blog please?
    Do I need a PHP plug in?
    I've had this reply from my host (BlueHost):

    " By default, wordpress won't execute php code from within an actual post, but from what I've searched online, there seem to be some plugins that allow you to do that that you can install for wordpress. One of them that I found is located here and has links to others that are similar. However, it's rare that a store would be run directly from a wordpress post.
    If it's a wordpress integrated store, they probably have a plugin you would install and if not, it's probably more a matter of installing the store into a specific folder (for example - and then creating a link to the store on your main wordpress site in the Admin area.

    Let us know if you need further assistance.

    I think I must be missing some instructions somewhere although I thought I had read things through so I apologise if this is a dumb question but I AM new to datafeeds.

    Thanks anyone for helping.

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    Mr. GoldenCan
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    Hi Dalgetty,
    Thank you for using GoldenCAN.

    You need to install "Exec-PHP" plugin on your WordPress site to execute PHP code, after installing "Exec-PHP" paste the GoldenCAN PHP code in HTML/Code view in WordPress and publish the post. Please see the following links for more help:

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    how easy was that!
    Dear Asif,
    Thanks SO much for your fast reply.
    I installed Exec-PHP, refreshed the 'non-working' page and bingo, it's up and running. I thought I was in for a HUGE learning curve there !

    Thanks so much

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