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    Profile of the average gamer. (needs to go play hide & seek)
    This study of the average gamer says he is 35, fat, and depressed.

    I'm surprised at the high average age! We know there are a lot of 15 yr old gamers, so doesn't this mean there are a lot of fat 55 yr old gamers too?

    Anybody up - for some hide and seek or tag?

    For children and adults, he writes, games that require physical exertion, such as "Hide and seek" and "Freeze tag" are "still probably what we need most."

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    You're it!
    Dyan Carlson
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    35? That's about 5-10 years older than I would have guessed. But given how much money is spent on gaming, maybe it's not so surprising that it's coming from a higher bracket.
    Richard Gaskin
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