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    wafer-thin video screen
    When some Entertainment Weekly readers open their magazines next month, they will discover advertisements talking to them from a wafer-thin video screen built into the page.

    One magazine industry executive with knowledge of the technology estimated that running one video ad in 100,000 copies would cost in the low seven-figure range.

    CBS/Pepsi Story

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    i read this today and thought it was really cool. i think this technology will be much much cheaper within just a few years. "disposable" video screens will be common. you will get them with magazines, and many other places. the uses are endless...

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    I'm wondering how a technology like this might potentially impact environmental concerns. Not only as in what could be done with a disposable video screen, but would having these in magazines and possibly newspapers then also create difficulties for recycling those printed materials. Just something to think about.

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    Pretty cool stuff.
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