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    Question Any reason not to use GoDaddy SSL certs?
    I realize the GoDaddy ssl logo is not as nice looking as the Verisign one, but it's only $30/year.

    Is there any reason not to use this? Is it in any way less functional than the $400 Verisign certificate? It's not accepted by less browsers or anything, right?

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    There is a coupon around that will get you that cert for $12.99. Don't want to run afoul of the rules by posting an exclusive coupon or affiliate link by accident...but if you search google for "ssl certificate" it'll probably be one of the paid links.

    For non-mobile browsers on a "normal" site, there is not that much difference other than some of the add-ons, warranties, seals and such. Personally, I'd either go with a $10-15 SSL cert, or a "green bar" EV cert -- now at GoDaddy and some other places for under $200 -- as that does at least seem to have value to some consumers.

    (Note that I have not personally ordered or used certs from GoDaddy...)

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