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    use template file in specified field
    Can someone explain this feature?

    Use Template file specified in Field
    If you need a different template file for each record, you can specify the path to that template in a field in your source file, and assign that field using the popup list to the right of this option. The path specified in field data can be either a full path, or relative to the destination folder.
    Can I do this

    keyword template

    kw1 template1.html
    kw2 template1.html
    kw3 template2.html
    . .
    . .
    . .

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    This feature lets you specify file names you want to use for the generated index pages. If you have those file names in a field in your data source, then yep, you can use them by just specifying that field in the Index Pages tab where is says "Use template specified in field".
    Richard Gaskin
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