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    How can someone in NC still become an Amazon Affiliate?
    Hi All,

    I'm new to this forum and the NC Tax Issue. I have a company and I was thinking of signing up as an Amazon Affiliate, but due to this NC Tax Law I guess I can't now.

    What are the options to legally proceed? Do you need to move out of North Carolina and take your company with you? Can you still reside in North Carolina and somehow register your company in another state?

    Can any of you affected so dramatically by this issue please provide feedback on options? Amazon is sooooo huge it's a shame not to be able to utilize them.


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    Everything you could possibly want to know about the NC sales tax is below ...

    Good Luck!

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    You cannot live in North Carolina and join Amazon.

    The law is similar to the one in NY but interpretation may differ. In NY doesn't matter where you incorporate if you still live in NY you can create a nexus and out of state merchants would have to collect & remit sales tax if sales threshold is met. Our initial review of the NC law indicates the same but we are in process of trying to verify. If possible consult your own lawyer.

    Luckily, there are still many quality merchants that will allow you to join their programs. It is a matter of finding them. Search through the networks to find some great merchants. It will take several merchants to fill the place of Amazon but as many have learned, that diversification is the best avenue. Never, ever become dependent on just a couple merchants.
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